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HKCCM Statement on Policy address 2022
HKCCM Statement on Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Ordinance 2021
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EK Yeoh Oration 2015 - Professions, professionals and professionalism
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Position Statement on Beer Run 2017 issued by The Hong Kong Alliance for Advocacy Against Alcohol
Press Release jointly issued by HKAM and HKCCM - Oppose the Promotion of Alcohol Use during Sports
College News in January 2017
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Letter to LegCo on Legislative Proposal to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes and heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco products
Joint RACMA & HKCCM Conference 2018
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Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 2016
Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 2016
HKCCM Annual Scientific Meeting 2012
HKCCM Annual Scientific Meeting 2012
HKCCM Annual Scientific Meeting 2013
HKCCM Annual Scientific Meeting 2013
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1.5 day Training Workshop on Disaster Management under the Senior Leadership Program
College News in October 2016